13 of the Trendiest Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior painting is a great way to give your house the head-turning appeal you want. A fresh paint job ensures your home is beautiful, and you won’t have to worry about keeping up appearances. Of course, you don’t want to use just any paint color when hiring exterior painting services. Instead, take the time to choose a color that represents your style carefully. The 13 shades below are our top picks when it comes to trending exterior paint colors in 2024.

1. Off-White

Off-white made a splash in interior design last year and continues to increase in popularity. This soft version of the classic neutral hue creates an element of elegance. It pairs well with any color shutters or trim and can be used with any architectural style, making it a safe option for all homeowners. Off-white exterior paint jobs can also easily be paired with other trending colors like brick red and navy blue. Use these colors for shutters and trim to make your home stand out from the rest on the block.

2. Navy Blue

Navy blue homes continue to sell at a fantastic rate. Exterior painting services are constantly receiving requests for this shade, making it one of the trendiest exterior paint colors. Navy blue exterior paint jobs pair well with white or other light-colored neutrals for shutters. You can also use navy blue as an accent for home decor to enjoy this trend with different exterior paint colors.

3. Brick Red

Brick red and warm terracotta help create a warm environment that makes guests feel welcome. With this color, everyone who visits will enjoy a nice, cozy feeling before walking through the door. You get all the benefits of a comfortable brick home without using brick as a material. Colors like this continue trending as more homeowners enjoy outdoor living spaces that help blur the lines between inside and outside. Brick walkways and stairs will provide a more cohesive look for extra curb appeal.

4. Forest Green

When it comes to the hottest exterior painting trends, forest green is coming in at a close second to navy blue. This dark color works exceptionally well on large homes because it can create a cozy, intimate feel. Dark hunter-green shades look incredibly nice next to crisp white shutters and a white trim. The contrast creates the perfect balance of warmth and modernism. For a softer appeal, consider asking exterior painting services to paint your shutters off-white or another neutral, like pale grey.

5. Soft Peach

Many homeowners hire exterior painting services to make their homes appear soft instead of bold and daring. A pale peach color instantly makes your home appear feminine and inviting. It exudes elegance and sophistication without appearing too dated. Opt for soft peach if you want a trend that will quickly turn into a timeless look. This color pairs well with navy blue, other shades of blue, and off-white. Opt for an off-white trim to make your home appear more luxurious and sophisticated.

6. Sandy Pink

Sandy pink colors are popping up on homes all across the nation. This color is cute and fun but not so bright that it will create too much energy. Work with exterior painting services to select a color with coral undertones to add warmth to your home. Light-colored trims will make a home appear elegant, while dark-colored trims will add a trendy appearance to pink homes. When you think of this color, envision the hue of light pink seashells in the sand.

7. Dusty Blue

Navy isn’t the only blue shade that’s trending at the moment. Dusty blue is more of a matte, medium shade of blue with grey undertones. It has the same trendy appeal as navy blue yet offers more warmth. Its cozy appeal makes it great for homes with a rustic charm or brick walkways leading up to the house.

8. Deep Brown

Brown is another trending earth tone. Consider deep brown if you want to give your home an outdoorsy feel. This color works exceptionally well with homes with a lot of greenery, outdoor living spaces, and other earth tones. Work with exterior painting services to select a color that complements your indoor color scheme for a cohesive feel. Keep in mind that choosing non-complementary colors can create too much chaotic energy.

9. Shades of Grey

Every shade of grey is trending in 2024. Consider the style you want your home to have to decide which shade of grey is right for you. Charcoal grey is fashionable and chic. It represents more sophistication and a bold personality. Soft greige creates more warmth thanks to the warm undertones, making it an excellent selection for homeowners who want their homes to appear more inviting. Light grey is more elegant, representing quiet luxury.

10. Matte Black

Matte black is a bold color few homeowners were willing to try until recently. Now, exterior painting services are seeing a slow uptick in this color. Matte black and sharp white create a trend that oozes modern appeal and chic style. If you’re always up to date on the latest fashions and wouldn’t dare leave the house in last season’s dress, this color scheme suits your personality. It’s modern yet daring.

11. Light Blue

Light blue recently began trending in bathrooms because it tends to increase property value when used in this space. However, this color isn’t just ideal for interior painting projects; it’s started to become more popular for exterior painting as well. Sky blue gives homeowners a gorgeous earth tone to work with that isn’t green, red, or brown. This color is versatile enough that you can pair it with almost any other shade, from hunter green to darker shades of blue to black.

12. Sage Green

Sage green is softer than forest green, yet it provides the same down-to-earth feel. This shade pairs well with other earth tones, but bear in mind that it doesn’t look great with sky-blue homes. Exterior painting services are seeing more customers who love the outdoors opt for this shade because it’s holistic without being too bold. Sage green creates a harmonious feeling that’s ideal for homeowners who want a laid-back, relaxing lifestyle surrounded by family, friends, and plants.

13. Crisp White

Crisp white will never truly go out of style. For a few years, we saw bright white homes take a backseat in favor of off-white and eggshell colors, but now, this shade is making the comeback of the year. More homeowners appreciate the versatility of this house color. You can easily redecorate without needing to change up your exterior paint color every few years. Crisp white can be paired with many other trending colors for trim. This color can be modern, contemporary, elegant, relaxed, and more — it all depends on the accents you add.

Exterior painting services remain one of the most popular home upgrades. In fact, according to IBISWorld, in 2023, the house painting and decorating contractors industry was worth $17.9 billion. More and more homeowners continue to repaint their homes for better curb appeal. You don’t want to be the only homeowner on your block without a freshly painted home. Contact Legacy Applications today to learn more about the trending colors for this year and schedule exterior painting services. Our team will help you choose a cohesive color scheme that reflects your style and personality.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.