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Cabinet Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

Did you know that our professional cabinet painting in St. Petersburg, FL to elevate your kitchen for a fraction of what a full remodel would cost? If your kitchen looks dated and drab, you’ve probably dreamt about how beautiful it would look after a complete renovation. However, most of us are on a tight budget, so a kitchen remodel is simply out of the question.

Guess what? You can update your kitchen and achieve that bright, modern look without breaking the bank. How? Take advantage of our professional cabinet painting services here at Legacy Applications. We offer quality painting, refinishing, and design customization for cabinets to elevate your kitchen and put it firmly in the 21st century.

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Located in Pinellas County, FL, we serve the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas.

cabinet painting st petersburg fl

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with our Cabinet Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

Why waste thousands of dollars on a brand-new set of cabinets? Replacing your cabinets means you’ll have to deal with weeks of construction mess and disruption to your daily life. Instead, give your kitchen a makeover for a fraction of the price with our cabinet painting services.

Giving your cabinets a paint job isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes a steady, practiced hand to apply the paint, stain, or finish without any drips or imperfections. Fortunately, we have extensive experience with painting and staining cabinets. We have the skill to handle even the most complex paint jobs, and we love taking on a challenge.

Explore Our Process for Painting Cabinets

As proud members of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA), we’re constantly seeking to learn newer, more advanced techniques for our craft. Whether it’s experimenting with a new spray paint gun, trying out a new brand of enamel paint, or using different methods for applying oil-based paints, our team strives to learn as much as we can.

We apply our experience, knowledge, and innovation to every painting project we accept, including painting cabinets. It takes more than a few coats of paint to create the flawless finish you can expect from the Legacy Applications team.

cabinet painting in st. petersburg, FL

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of our process:

Remove Doors and Hardware

First, we’ll carefully remove the hardware and doors from your cabinets. Bonus: You have the opportunity to update your hardware to something more modern!

Prep and Sand

Our team will meticulously sand and prep every surface of your cabinets. Our process creates a smooth, even surface that allows for superior paint or stain adhesion

Apply the Paint

Now comes the actual painting or staining. We use custom techniques to ensure a flawless, drip-free finish. We work exclusively with premium-quality paint products and tools to ensure that our work remains superb and error-free.

Reassemble and Enjoy

After your cabinets are dried and cured, it’s time for reassembly. We’ll install your hardware and finish by hanging the doors. Then, we’ll clean up, leaving you to enjoy the beautiful new look of your updated kitchen!

Creating a Legacy of Excellence, One Kitchen at a Time

Are you ready to transform your kitchen without the high cost of a remodel? Contact us at Legacy Applications today to learn more about our professional cabinet painting in St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding areas. You can request a free quote here via our website.

Cabinet Painting in St. Petersburg, FL