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Your Professional House Painters in Seminole, FL

Give your home a facelift by engaging the best house painters in Seminole, FL: Legacy Applications. On Florida’s Gulf Coast, your house goes through a lot. Stormy weather, high humidity, strong winds, salty air, and intense sunshine contribute to the deterioration of your home’s appearance.

Fortunately, our veteran house painters at Legacy Applications can rejuvenate your home’s aesthetic appeal and ensure its longevity for years to come. As a local, family-owned business, we know how much pride Seminole residents have in their homes and community.

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Exterior Painting in Seminole, FL

See how we beautify Seminole’s homes from Park Street to SPC! Prep work represents one of the most important aspects of an exterior painting project. In many ways, painting is the easy part. Discover how we prepare homes for a professional paint job.

Step #1: Power Washing

Due to the humidity here in Seminole, mold and mildew often grow in places that don’t receive a lot of sunlight. We start by power washing your home to remove dirt, mold, mildew, mineral buildup, loose paint, and more.

Pressure Washers
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Step #2: Paint Removal

At Legacy Applications, we use the best available tools to remove the existing paint. Our process creates a nice, smooth substrate to which the primer will adhere, ensuring an even finish for the exterior of your home.

Step #3: Repair Woodwork

After years of sun and rain, some of the woodwork around your house may have swelled and shrunk so many times that it begins to crack and chip. Our expert house painters in Seminole, FL have decades of combined experience in woodwork restoration and will have your home looking as good as new.

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Interior Painting in Seminole, FL

Create a peaceful refuge from the world by hiring the best local house painters for your interiors. At Legacy Applications, we know that your home serves as your personal sanctuary now more than ever. That’s why we consider an open line of communication crucial to a successful house-painting project.

As a trusted member of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA), our interior painters will thoroughly prep the inside of your home before painting.

Step #1: Furniture Removal

We’ll take care to move all furniture away from the work area. Those pieces of furniture that we cannot remove will get placed in the center of the room. We’ll treat your furniture with special care.

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Step #2: Protective Measures

With the furniture out of the way, we can start laying down plastic sheets and masking off the surfaces we wish to paint.

Step #3: Surface Cleaning

Cleaning the surface we intend to paint represents one of the most crucial steps in the entire painting process. We may scrub walls to help the paint job last a little longer.

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Legacy Applications: The Preferred House Painters in Seminole, FL

Hire our team at Legacy Applications, the most highly recommended house painters in Seminole, FL area. Out of all the painting companies in Seminole, FL, we offer the longest warranties, best customer service, and most beautiful results. Complete our online form to arrange to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a free quote today. Let us know how we can serve your needs!