5 Signs It’s Time to Hire Exterior Painting Services

If the exterior of your home is looking dull or outdated, it may be a sign that your home could use exterior painting services. Although it seems like a big project to take on, a lot of people have the exterior of their homes painted and there are a good amount of contractors to help you achieve the look you’re going for. In 2022, approximately 233,083 house painting contractors were spread out across the United States, according to IBISWorld. How will you know if you need to hire someone to paint the exterior of your home? Here are five signs to look out for.

1. It’s Been Many Years

Your exterior paint isn’t going to last as long as your roof. Depending on what kind of weather you have, you could find yourself in need of it after 10 years. If you have a lot of extremes in terms of weather, then you should keep an eye on how the outside of your home looks and be ready to call exterior painting services when your paint is starting to become dull and outdated.

Your exterior could also need a new coat of paint because the previous contractor who did the job did not do it efficiently. The contractor doing it may not have done enough prep work. They might have also cut corners or didn’t have the right tools. It’s possible that they could have also used a paint color you didn’t agree with or like. Working with the right team of professionals with a lot of experience will ensure you get a long-lasting paint job for many years to come.

2. You See Gaps or Shrinking in the Boards

When you see this occurring with your boards, it usually indicates that there’s dry rot going on. This could be a sign that your exterior is weakening, so you should definitely have someone inspect it first and give the thumbs up or down about proceeding with a new paint project. If you just go ahead and paint, then you could be facing bigger problems down the road in terms of things like structural integrity.

3. You See That The Caulk Is Separating

If you notice the caulk on your home’s exterior is separating, it’s important to get that looked at and resolved before your paint project. You may have to replace the caulk due to it not being elastic enough, and you’re going to need the exterior to be painted again. The result will be worth it though. This is important since the caulk is between your window and the brick or wood covering your home. As a result, it’s going to make your home a lot less energy efficient, since it may let in either the heat or the cold.

4. The Paint Is Fading

As durable as paint can be, time can have its way with it. That means that it can start cracking, chipping, or peeling. That can create a very unsightly impression on people who happen to be walking by or if they are visiting in the hopes of buying the place. It could also mean that there’s mold or dry rot. Just make sure that’s not the case before giving the go-ahead to repaint the outside. With a new coat of paint your home’s exterior will look brand-new and stand out from other homes.

5. You’re Selling Your Home

We saved the best for last! If you want to really increase your home’s curb appeal, you should paint the exterior. That’s because your exterior is what people are going to immediately see when they pull up to your home. Let’s flip this around — would you want to go to a place that you were thinking of buying and see that it’s got peeling paint and outdated colors? That’s not going to make it look very appealing and can impact how many potential buyers you’ll have. When people see a home with new paint, they are more likely to want to take a look at the inside.

How to Find an Exterior Painter

Now that you’ve made sure that you want your place painted, it’s time to find someone to take on the project. The first thing you should do is ask friends or family that have had their exterior painted. They might have someone in mind that they recommend. If not, you can ask co-workers or even look around in your area. You may have noticed recently that your neighbors had their exterior painted. If you like the look, you can find out who they used and if they did a good job. If you aren’t lucky in those areas, then you can use the best resource out there — the internet. Doing a simple search for painters in your area is a great way to start.

You’re going to have to be ready to possibly be overwhelmed, though. Once you put “exterior painter” and your zip code in Google, you will get hundreds, if not thousands of results. There may be some review sites on there. Use them judiciously, since there may be a lot of fake reviews. A lot of times, the owner may even reply to some reviews. Find the ones that have the best legitimate reviews and contact them about rates, and availability, among other things.

Make sure that they are communicative and that they answer any and all questions that you might have. You shouldn’t feel like you’re chasing them for answers. They should be able to explain everything to your satisfaction. In other words, they should respect you as a customer and a person.

When you’re talking to them, make sure of several things. Check to see that they are insured. Also, check that they have some experience under their belt. Having insurance is important and can protect you if someone were to get injured on the job at your home. Find out their rates and make sure that there are no hidden fees or costs. If you like their answers, see what their schedule is like and how long they anticipate the project to take. Good painters will be able to give you a timeline of how long the paint project will take.

These were some of the most important signs that indicate you need to have your exterior painted. A new coat of paint can completely transform your home and is a great project if you’re looking to sell your home in the future. If you’re looking for trusted exterior painting services, look no further than Legacy Applications. We are your go-to for interior, exterior, and cabinet painting. Contact us today for a consultation and a free quote!


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.