6 Refreshing Paint Color Ideas for Bathrooms

When considering upgrades for your bathroom, you can never go wrong with hiring professional interior painting services. Not only will a new coat of interior paint boost the aesthetics of your space, but it can also give you an ROI of up to 107%, according to Open Door. To give you some inspiration, here are six refreshing paint color ideas for bathrooms.

1. Soft Taupe

Neutrals offer several possibilities for bathroom paint colors. Consider pairing warm and cozy taupe wall paint with soft blues, pinks, and greens on artwork and the shower curtain. This soft hue can make even the tiniest of spaces feel serene and luxurious.

2. Seafoam Green

Paint your walls seafoam green for a coastal aesthetic that’ll make your showers feel like a trip to the spa. This shade unites classic and modern designs when paired with popular bathroom paint colors like white. Add a warm accent hue, like beige, for a refreshing combination.

3. Sky Blue

With its familiar connotations with sea and sky, blue is a great paint color for bathrooms. It creates a tranquil atmosphere and is a great choice for an accent wall. You can brighten this classic hue with versatile white flooring, trim, and cabinetry.

4. Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classy, clean, and noteworthy option for a bold bathroom hue. You can ask your interior painting services to pair it with white for a stylish contrast. This color can inspire a range of bathroom styles, such as preppy, traditional, and nautical. The paint surface’s durability increases with reflectivity, which is important in a space with a lot of traffic.

5. Crisp White

White doesn’t have to be boring. You can enhance this classic neutral with layers of texture. Integrate shiny glass tiles, straw baskets, and salvaged wood to take the design aspect of white bathroom wall paint to the next level.

6. Powdery Pink

A gentle pink wall hue provides a delicate backdrop for pristine white accents. This paint color is a great choice if you’re looking for something with a feminine aesthetic. It’s warm yet subtle, so it’s not overwhelming for tiny spaces.

Your bathroom shouldn’t just be a place to freshen up. If you’re not enjoying the time you spend there, it’s time for an update. Refreshing this space with the help of interior painting services is a great way to improve its overall appeal. Contact Legacy Applications today to get started on this exciting project.