Here's How Exterior Painters Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When it comes to painting your home, it’s not just the inside that matters. After all, the exterior paint has just as important of a job in protecting your home and making it look good as the interior does. Speaking of making it look good, the help of local exterior painters can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. Curb appeal refers to the overall exterior aesthetics of your property and can play a major role in increasing its value and helping to sell your home. In 2023, the market size of the House Painting & Decorating Contractors industry is $17.9 billion, according to IBIS World. This means you’ll have no shortage of professionals to choose from. Read on to see how exterior painting professionals can add to your property’s curb appeal.

Professional Consultation

Maybe you didn’t major in art and can’t tell the difference between the various shades of the same hue. That doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of picking a new color for the outside of your home. Your exterior painters do more than just lay the paint down on your wall. They understand color, color theory, how your chosen paint works in relation to other colors, as well as how it may reflect in the environment. When you sit down during your initial consultation, your exterior painter will go through a range of hues and ask you some questions about your preferences. They’ll go over everything from not only your exterior walls, but the best colors that can complement your roof, window trimming, doors, awnings, and anything that’s seen from the outside. If they notice that most of the houses in your neighborhood are the same color and you want to switch up, they can work with you to find a way to either greatly stand out or only subtly do so. After all, if other homes on your block are for sale, standing out can definitely be a good thing, especially when people are driving by to look at new homes.

Surface Prep

A professional painter will never simply repaint over existing paint. Before they begin to give your exterior home a fresh color, they will remove any of the existing paint from the surface, wash the walls, sand them down smoothly, and fill in any existing cracks or holes that can distract from the overall aesthetics. Once everything has dried and is smooth, next they’ll apply the primer and several coats of paint. By taking the steps to do this extra prep work, your exterior painters are ensuring that the paint job that they apply will last for a long time. They are also working hard to protect the walls and ensure they are strong enough to hold any paint before they begin the process. By following these exhaustive steps, a good exterior paint job can last for years. The final paint job will have a beautiful smooth finish that will stand out on your street corner regardless of what color is used.

Quality Materials

Your exterior painters add to your curb appeal, but using the best paint materials possible, hiring certified professionals, and using professional quality finishes and professional tools to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly. They only use paints that are specially formulated for outdoor use. Such paints would normally be resistant to certain types of weather cracking, fading, and peeling, and can also protect your home from insects such as termites and other destructive critters. In addition to paint, they can also apply protective sealants that will further protect your home from the elements. Your painting crew is familiar with the region, so they understand the different needs that home exteriors will have based on the part of the country you’re in. A home that’s in Florida may need extra UV ray protection, whereas a home in Washington state may need more protection from wet weather.

Professional Technique

It’s not just the paint they use that matters, it’s the way that they apply it. Since these are trained professionals on the job, they understand the right methods to apply the paint and any sealants evenly and professionally. By using the right methods and tools, they can avoid dripping paint, bubbles, brush marks, and splatter which can make the paint look sloppy and unsightly. They know how to seal off corners with tape and other obstructions to ensure that no raggedy edges are anywhere outside.

Paint All Exterior Areas

When painters are on the job, they don’t just paint the outside walls. Anything their paintbrush touches is handled with the utmost care and precision. When you’re working with exterior painters, they’ll ensure the paint will be applied perfectly in all areas of the exterior. They understand how to properly contrast different colors or different shades of the same color to create an enhanced effect. They can paint many different types of materials outside, such as wood, brick, stucco, and vinyl with the same amount of care and precision. They know how to use the right methods to make sure that regardless of whatever surface they’re working on, the paint will adhere to it and stick properly.

Exterior areas of expertise aren’t just the physical house itself. If you have a deck, patio, porch, fence, mailbox, or walkway exterior painters can handle the job successfully. Whatever color theme you envision for your home, these painting professionals can make it happen. If your garage door is in need of some tender loving care, they can also paint that in shutters as well. What about if you don’t need the whole home exterior painted? Do you just want them to paint a big red door to go with your overall white house? They can come out and do that job too.

Timely Work

When you have a professional painting crew on hand, it won’t take them long to get the job done. They can paint your overall exterior in a fast, timely manner. So if you want to get your home off the market as soon as possible, you may be able to do so within a few days or a week after you called them. Exterior painting is one of the best home upgrades you can make. It can improve your home exterior as it can literally bring life and refreshing color to all elements of your home that anyone will see the minute they approach your property. Whatever you need these professionals to handle, they can handle it for you so you can make your home look beautiful from the inside out.

Exterior painting is one of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. By hiring professional exterior painters, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and well-maintained home that reflects your taste and personality. What do you want in your home To be? A new color? A new texture design? These professionals can handle it. Do you want your home to blend in on the block or stand out as much as possible? Whatever you need, let the exterior paint pros take on the job. Increasing the home value is important to make sure your home sells properly. Start by making sure your home looks as great as it can from the outside by contacting our team at Legacy Applications today.