How Paint Color Affects the Mood of a Room

A fresh coat of paint can alter the look and feel of a space. According to the Online Psychology Degree guide, paint color influences between 62 and 90% of initial impressions. If you’re planning an interior painting project, take a moment to learn more about how paint colors affect mood.

Warm Colors Are Energizing

Colors like yellow, orange, and red are usually called warm hues. These shades are similar to the color of the sun and are often uplifting. Using one of these colors for a room can make it feel cheerful.

Since warm colors are often stimulating, they’re perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and offices. While a bright, vibrant paint color can make rooms feel lively, you may want to opt for lighter shades or paint an accent wall. Vibrant colors are lovely but can also feel overwhelming, especially in larger rooms.

Cool Colors Are Calming

Shades like blue, purple, and green are considered cool colors. These colors can make a room feel tranquil, so they’re popular options for interior painting projects. Some cool colors, like green, are also associated with other properties, like growth.

Cool colors are suitable for most rooms in the home, including bedrooms and bathrooms. Darker shades look more sophisticated, while lighter hues feel more relaxing. Most cool colors pair nicely with neutral tones, making them a versatile option for the home. While you’re more likely to see shades like pale blue in homes, deeper colors, like teal and emerald green, are increasing in popularity.

Neutral Colors Are Associated With Comfort

Whether you opt for a rich shade of brown or a pale cream hue, neutral paint colors make rooms feel comfortable. Brown is an earth tone that can imbue a space with a sense of warmth. Lighter neutrals, like white and cream, can make a room feel peaceful.

Most neutral shades are timeless and work well in every room of the home. It’s common for people to pair neutrals with brighter colors to make rooms look more attractive. Neutrals can balance out bright warm colors and complement cool tones’ calming effect. No matter how you use neutrals, you can make your space feel like your own.

When choosing colors for your interior painting project, consider how the color will affect the room’s overall feel. The right paint color can enhance the space and improve your mood. Contact Legacy Applications today if you’re ready to paint your home!