6 Benefits of Accent Walls

Are you looking for a way to make your home more attractive? You can try calling an interior home painter to upgrade the look of your space. According to Opendoor, new interior paint can provide a 107% return on your investment. Thankfully, you can add accent walls to improve your home’s style. Here’s what you need to know about these walls and the benefits that they’ll provide.

1. Adds Dimension

Homeowners with smaller rooms often feel like they can’t do much to make their space more expansive. Mirrors might help, but not everybody wants a dozen mirrors hanging through their home. However, accent walls can help by creating a more open feel for your room and making it more appealing. It’s good to note that it’s important to find the right colors. The wrong pallet can make a room feel smaller if you aren’t careful.

For instance, bright colors like blue, green, and yellow can give a small room a more expansive feel by making it feel like it’s open to the rest of the world. Try this approach in bedrooms to give them a more airy and cozy feel that isn’t too forced. Furthermore, darker colors in living rooms can provide a vibrant contrast that can make your accent walls feel more exciting and give your living room the kind of enjoyable atmosphere you want when entertaining guests.

2. Helps Accentuate Certain Areas

Here’s a tip that you need to consider when working with accent walls. They work best when you’re using them to highlight elements in your home that are already interesting. It’s important to find a few areas in your home that you can highlight with an accent wall to really give it the high-quality look that it deserves.

For example, asymmetrical walls often work well with accents because you can use the paint to highlight its unique shape and style. Furthermore, you can add them around fireplaces or other areas that stand out to provide an eye-catching style. The goal here is to use your accent walls in such a way that they intrigue people, draw them closer to your home, and improve the overall style at the same time: a tricky balancing act for sure!

3. Takes Better Control of Your Home’s Style

If you moved into a pre-built home, you might feel a little out of control of its overall style and design. That’s a frustrating feeling and is one that can cause many people to struggle with enjoying their home fully. Thankfully, accent walls can be used to take back some control of your home’s style and help you produce a better and more attractive look. How exactly can a few painted accent walls provide you with this kind of amazing benefit?

First of all, working with an interior home painter, in general, can help you take control of your home’s style and upgrade it in a variety of ways. The previous owner may have old-fashioned looks that you don’t like or even neutral colors that feel too bland for your taste. Adding accent walls throughout your home can bring a little life to its overall style. You can even base your home’s stylistic renovation on these walls.

4. Defines Your Open Rooms More Effectively

Do you have an open-concept home or a lot of areas in your home that feel a little too open? That’s sort of the Catch-22 with this concept. While it does provide a lot of breathing room and interesting possibilities for design, many people feel afraid or unable to change their rooms due to this expansive style. Thankfully, accent walls can help with this confusion by visually defining your rooms more effectively and producing a unique and stylish upgrade.

For example, you could use colors like red to define shared living areas like the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. Then, you could integrate other lighter colors in personalized rooms to give them a more unique and individual feel. The approach here will vary based on your family’s needs and preferences, so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with it! Just know that experimenting too much might personalize your home excessively and potentially affect its resale value.

5. Provides Unique Textures

Something you may not know is that accent walls can be more than just painted. While paint is the most effective and cost-efficient way to produce accent walls, some people will add brock, stone, and even stucco to create interesting walls in their homes. You can even combine these different approaches to produce unique textures that will make your home even more attractive and boost its value in surprising and effective ways.

For example, you could combine various paint colors with stone walls, highlighting their unique texture and producing beautiful looks. Furthermore, you could contrast natural walls, like wood and brick, with various artificial-style colors. Remember, the choice is yours here, so have fun.

Just as importantly, make sure you always work with a professional when upgrading your home’s walls in this way. Working with a professional can help you choose colors and textures that make sense for your home and minimize the risk of unappealing design mistakes.

6. Creates an Old-School Feel

You’ve probably heard people calling accent walls “old-fashioned” or even “outdated,” which might be why you’ve avoided them. We understand that but some things never go out of style because they’re universally useful. Accent walls are like that. In fact, they might be a perfect way to give your home a traditional feel.

For instance, you could add accent walls using older design concepts, highlight your rooms in unique ways with them, and focus on older paint styles. The approach here will vary based on your specific design preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment. The more time you spend trying out these different approaches, the better, as you’re likely to create fun and interesting styles that fit into your personality and preferences and produce a unique look that you’ll love.

If you’re interested in adding an accent wall to your home, it’s a smart idea to call an interior home painter that can help you achieve the look you’re going for. You can contact our team at Legacy Applications for quality services and results. We’ll work with you from start to finish and help bring your vision to life.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.