9 Princess-Inspired Paint Colors to Choose for Your Toddler

Upgrading your toddler’s bedroom paint style can be tough, particularly if their directions are as simple as “paint a princess bedroom.” Working with a painting contractor is wise here, as you want to get your style right while also creating a space your little one can grow into. Doing so can make your child happy for years to come and improve home value.

According to Open Door, upgraded interior painting may result in up to a 107% return on investment or ROI. That’s great news, especially if you find a princess-inspired look that your toddler will love. Here are a few styles your little one will love seeing in their bedroom.

1. Pink

Now, few colors are more associated with the “Princess Life” than pink. Just think about any of the cartoon princesses that you’ve seen in your life. There’s a good chance most of them had pink on at some point. It’s particularly associated with Sleeping Beauty and Princess Barbie.

That said, pink is a color where a little can go a long way, i.e., you need some lighter colors to offset its intensity. A little powder blue is a great idea because it’s soft and gentle on the eyes. It also compliments a Sleeping Beauty-themed bedroom, as it references the iconic scene with her fairy godmothers.

2. White and Blue

Here’s a shocking fact: Elsa from “Frozen” isn’t officially considered a Disney princess by some sources! If you were to show your child the movie, though, they’d likely disagree. An Elsa-themed bedroom is a great option because it offers gentle and soft colors.

For instance, you could add snow-white to your trim and ice-blue to the walls to create a calm color for your child. These neutral colors work well for almost any taste and will likely relax your child. You’re also creating a great theme your child can grow into and still appreciate for years to come!

3. Red, Black, and Blue

Pop quiz: who was the first official princess in Disney lore? Snow White, of course! This classic princess is also one of the most popular due to her beauty, kindness, and the high quality of her movie. As a result, it’s a good idea to paint a room based on her unique color scheme as a princess.

Obviously, a little white is a good choice due to her name and the fairness of her skin. However, she also has an iconic red bow and two shades of light and dark blue for her dress. Finally, add a little black on your trim to mirror her hair, and you’ll have a room any child will love.

4. Brown and Green

Let’s step back from Disney princesses for a bit and think back on some old-school fairy tales. For example, Rapunzel is a legendary princess who did get a well-loved Disney film. However, her unique story of isolation is rather dark and rural, necessitating a little brown and green.

Try to mix browns and greens throughout the walls and trim, using brighter areas to highlight unique elements of the story. Don’t forget to use a little gray to add the castle tower or create a view on one wall that looks out on a natural wilderness. Your child will feel just like they’re living in a princess castle!

5. Light Yellow, Green, and Red

Mulan is one of the most popular princesses ever, even before being turned into an animated movie. Her fascinating story of adventure and bravery has inspired girls in China for over 1,500 years. Even beautiful murals of Mulan utilize engaging Chinese folk art styles.

While you could match the movie and blend in various blacks and reds, trying light greens, yellows, and browns is also a cool idea. These colors match the hues utilized in most Chinese folk art. Try to mimic the look of these scrolls to produce an interesting and attractive look.

6. Teal, Sea Blue, Gold, and Black

Jasmine is an interesting princess because she’s the first to not be the film’s titular character and is the first non-white princess in Disney history! Furthermore, she’s also one of the most beautiful and intelligent. Jasmine doesn’t take guff from anyone, which makes her a great princess to mimic.

Her signature look of light blue headband, ponytail bands, top, and bottom provides a teal background that works well for many bedrooms. You can also pair the gold color of her jewelry and the deep blue of her headband jewel. You can even use sand-colored paint to mimic the desert.

7. Light Browns and Yellows

After breaking the mold with Jasmine, Disney also boldly searched for the next princess in history rather than fairy tales. While “Pocahontas” is so loosely related to the original story as to be fiction, the titular character was a breath of fresh air. Strong, independent, and kind, she remains one of the most popular princesses in the world.

Her simple outfits reflect her Native American culture and include light yellows, browns, and other naturalistic colors. Pocahontas’s sweeping black hair is recognizable more than any other color. Create an earthy-style color scheme for your little one’s bedroom with light browns, yellows, and even subtle greens.

8. Mauve, Rose, and Coral

” The Princess and the Frog” might not be Disney’s most popular film, but Tiana is still a great princess. As the first African-American princess and the second American, she is a no-nonsense and strong character. If your little one loves her, it should be easy to paint a room in her honor.

Tiana’s gorgeous light-green dress reflects the froggy nature of the story, as does her tiara. However, you can also celebrate the Jazz Age color seen throughout the film by blending mauve, rose, and coral throughout the bedroom. Doing so captures the underrated film in perfect tones.

9. Red and Green

There hasn’t been a lot of red-haired princesses, which is a bummer for your little red-head. However, Ariel and especially Merida from “Brave” not only have gorgeous red hair but fiery personalities to match. Merida comes with a forest green dress with gold coins and brown belts that make her a unique princess.

If you have a little red-haired toddler who loves Merida, try mixing these colors in fun ways throughout the room. It’s probably best to save that fire red for accent pieces to help it stand out. Now, you can mostly focus on forest green on the walls and light gold and dark browns for other decorative areas. We caution you to be careful as you plan this color palette, though, so as to not end up with something more akin to Christmas than princess-themed.

These are just a few colors you can use to create an attractive princess-themed bedroom. Remember that you mustn’t necessarily mimic Disney-style princesses to create a great look. While they’re the most popular princesses, you can also go for a more general style. For instance, you could use sharp blues, dark grays, and even rich greens to reflect the common colors worn by princesses around the world.

If you’re still on the fence about your colors, make sure to contact us today to get help. As a strong painting contractor, we’re here to help you! Our team at Legacy Applications has many years of experience helping families like yours achieve their dream homes. We look forward to giving your princess the royal bedroom they deserve!


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.


When you’re ready to transform the look and feel of your home into something that reflects your unique personality and character, our team at Legacy Applications is here to help. Contact our team of exert house painters today.